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Här kan du skicka in en hälsning til våra programledare. Du kan också önska musik eller skicka in feedback. Kom ihåg att hålla en god ton. Musikönskemål tas också emot per samtal på 018 16300

  • K • 18 januari 2021 14:32:00
    Kan du spela Lil peep - Star shopping?
  • E • 15 januari 2021 14:51:03
    Eminem - Gnat
  • K • 15 januari 2021 14:29:48
    Kan du spela Sunflower med Swae Lee?
  • Mia • 15 januari 2021 14:16:55
    Hej kan ni spela Eagles "Hotel California" trevlig helg
  • Martin • 15 januari 2021 10:56:27
    Ge upp igen - yasin, Miriam bryant
  • LL • 15 januari 2021 07:21:32
    After the Steelfm Help made people aware of metal health here is a point I would like to bring up. All the Covid stuff and warnings on the radio stress people out when they are trying to escape by listening to the radio. It makes some like me, who now have to work alone at work and then maybe live alone feel even more alone. I like listening to the radio but wish there was a warning signal before the covid stuff so that I had time to turn the sound off and not have to listen. Can you play Anastasia's "I'm sick and tired"